Welcome to Mongolia !

Gobi Desert and the Steppe::Gobi Desert and the Steppe
Gobi Desert and the Steppe
Accross Mongolia::Accross Mongolia
Accross Mongolia
Stay with nomads::Stay with nomads
Stay with nomads
Gobi and the Terelj National Park::Gobi and the Terelj National Park
Gobi and the Terelj National Park
Horseback ridding through the steppe::Horseback ridding through the steppe
Horseback ridding through the steppe
Trip in the Orkhon Valley::Trip in the Orkhon Valley
Trip in the Orkhon Valley



Making a trip to Mongolia is to live an extraordinary adventure, unforgettable, timeless.

Listen to this music! It is the song of the wind running through the infinite steppes......

Under deep blue sky, you'll find in this huge country and still wild, unique landscapes, diverse, spectacular, nature protected of mass tourism.

You'll meet generous people attached to their homeland, very respectful of their traditions, proud of their culture thousands of years old and who want to make you discover it.

If more than half of Mongolians live in the capital, the remaining one million is spread over an area three times as large as France. Go to meet them in the great outdoors, they will offer hospitality without a second thought because the nomads, it's always a party to receive a traveler who has had a long way to come and see them. Be welcomed if only for a few days by authentic nomads, happy to share their lifestyle and curious to know yours is a unique experience.


So, ready for the adventure? Mongolia is waiting for you.