Parc National Khovsgol à Cheval

duration : 10 days  

Located in the north, Lake Khovsgol is the second largest (after lake Uvs ) and the deepest lake in Mongolia. Lake Khovsgol is one of the few existing ancient lakes, its age is estimated at several million years. It measures 136 km long and 36 km wide. It is a freshwater lake surrounded by mountains.  

Destinations: Moron, Lake Khovsgol ( Khovsgol aimag )


Activities : Cultural visits, Horse Riding, Hiking

Accommodation : yurt camp, hotel, tent

D 1 Ulaanbaatar: Bogd Khaan Winter Palace Museum, Zaisan,

Sukhbaatar square, National Museum of Mongolian History

D 2 Flight to Moron, by car to Khovsgol

D 3 Horse riding

D 4 Discover flora and fauna

D 5 Meet the Tsaatan, reindeer herders

D 6,7 Hiking, Participating to everyday activities in nomad family

D 8 Relaxing day, fishing

D 9 Flight to Ulaanbaatar, traditional music and dance show , dinner